Black, Dun & Red Belted Galloway Cattle for Sale

Black & Red Belted Galloway Cattle

The Widecombe Belted Galloway herd was started in 1987 by William & Pamela Coaker with the acquisition of 5 in-calf heifers, followed by 10 cows and a bull (Burnside Meteor 2nd) in 1988. Since then, the herd has grown to around 40 pedigree cows and 2 stock bulls. The herd is now managed by William and Pamís son, Clyde, and is reared in a traditional manner on a farm with real heritage in the heart of Dartmoor.

We breed traditional Black, Dun and Red Pedigree Belted Galloway cattle and normally have heifers for sale as well as the occasional bull or older cow. Semen from our Red Belted Galloway bull, Mochrum Huckleberry, is now also available for purchase by both UK and international buyers. Please contact us to find out about availability and to discuss your requirements.

Black, Dun & Red Belted Galloways at Bittleford Farm, Devon Mochrum Huckleberry at Bittleford Farm, Devon Widecombe Belted Galloways on Dartmoor, Devon

Belted Galloways are a naturally hardy breed that originated (as their name would suggest!) on the exposed uplands of Galloway, in South West Scotland. They are well suited to barren landscapes, such as Dartmoor. Our Belties spend the summer grazing up to 6000 acres of Dartmoor common land and are wintered outdoors - the way they should be! Given the isolated lifestyle they lead, we ensure they still get a great deal of human contact, particularly during the winter months. The Widecombe herd is naturally placid and we have built a fine reputation selling excellent quality stock of this nature.

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